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Meta Bronski

what has happened so far. . .

After studying art history at Humboldt University and Freie Universität both in Berlin I continued my studies in fashion and costume design at the Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten in Antwerp and at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee, I worked as an costume assistant at off Broadway theatres – in New York City, Brussel, Cologne and Munich. The position as a costume designer, artistic associate, head of production and pre-production lead me to the Semperoper Dresden, the Gran Teatro del Liceu in Barcelona, the Easter festival Baden-BadenResidenztheater München,  Schauspielhaus Sankt Gallen, Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre and Oper Zürich. I collaborated with the following costume designers, including Anna Eiermann, Marie-Jeanne Lecca, Jürgen Rose, Petra Reinhardt, Žana Bošnjak and Michael Levine. Worked with directors like Thomas Langhoff, Karin Beier, Karin Henkel, Michael Simon, Dieter Dorn as well as Andreas Homoki, Claus Guth, Robert Carson, David Pountney and my honorable mention to Sir Simon Rattle and Teodor Currentzis.

My long term interest in traditional arts and crafts, especially in both meditative and rhythmic work – living in the here and now –, lead me to an education in classic hand loom weaving at Haus der Handweberei,  Sindelfingen.

For quite some time now I have been an advocate against child abuse and raise my voice against domestic violence to give those who don’t have a voice of yet as well as raise awareness for this taboo topic. If you like to see and read more about it please don’t hesitate to go to my INSTAGRAM account. I have always been an enthusiastic graphic designer since studying at art academies. My preference tends towards silkscreen printing, lithography, etching, wood cut and most of all, just environmentally friendly – digital art. and what may come!

After the turmoil of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was time to rethink the past. All those years of self-employment, the trap of self-exploitation through more and more work; the strictly feudal and male-dominant backward hierarchies in theatres – and opera houses, the work ethic there which is no longer appropriate to the times also persuaded me to strengthened my decision to reconsider again. With the beginning of 2023 I started a Master of Arts in art therapy in Vienna. All of the previous influences from working as a costume designer, as a freelance illustrator and the craft and skills of hand weaving, will flow into the new profession. It has always been my desire to give back something of what I have experienced in life. With the form of art therapy, I really want to create a framework with which I am able to guide and help others on their way. Willingly to introduce the form of art where it is needed to heal, giving hope and bringing new perspectives on healing and self acceptance. Experiencing self-efficacy through art therapy is what drives me, working both therapeutically and artistically is a real and precious gift to me! Folks, it’s never too late to re-validate decisions and to go a step further and break new ground. Paths that evolve based on the person’s own advancement. Just because we’re good at certain things doesn’t mean we should do it for the rest of our lives. Acting out of habit alone gets no one ahead. If it doesn’t fit anymore then your body will tell you and it’s time to change something for the good. Don’t forget to take extra good care of yourself so that you can be the most effective version of yourself as you do your work in the world!

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